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Podcast oversteer (episode 32): Were we heroes?

Podcast 'Oversteering' (episode 32)
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With the new episode of oversteer, the auto motor and sport podcast about the enthusiasm for cars, we switch back on Outside bet. Because the office-flat share is currently not completely in room 408. What doesn’t leave Jens Dralle and Sebastian Renz speechless, quite the contrary. Because this time they rave about their greatest automobiles. About the very special cars they were allowed to drive. And there is already a very illustrious amount of cars together: two Porsche 959s, a pre-war supercharged Mercedes, a whole pack of all BMW M3 generations, the Aston Martin, the Hyundai i30 driven in the 24-hour race, Suzuki Swift and Opel Adam beaten over rally special stages. And then there's the giraffe thing. Yes, giraffe. And if you want to know what that was, then you know what to do. Exactly: listen in!

If you have a question, request or suggestion, just write to us at uebersteuern@auto-motor-und-sport.de .


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