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Podcast: dream cars that should remain dreams

Podcast 'Oversteering' (episode 7)
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'Great agreement this time in office 408. Jens Dralle is in' Oversteer ', the auto motor and sport podcast and Sebastian Renz agree - at least at the beginning. Their job, they all agree, is the greatest in the world, if only because they are allowed to drive so many dream cars: BMW M3 (E30), Ferrari Daytona and F40, or Mercedes SL R 107 and even 300 SL. But actually there are also dream cars among them, which one better dreams of than actually driving them, because otherwise one destroys an illusion. Which models does this apply to? The two of them are happy to tell you that, even though they are no longer so united. So just listen. ”

Oversteer - the new podcast from auto motor und sport. Now available at Apple Podcast , Spotify and Soundcloud .

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