Podcast: does size still matter?

Podcast 'Oversteering' (episode 19)
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This time the office colleagues from room 408, Jens Dralle and Sebastian Renz, are thinking about how big a car should actually be. So how much car is enough. And above all, whether with all the skills in terms of safety, comfort, space efficiency and engine temperament that come together in small and compact cars, larger cars are needed at all. Can they really do so much more to justify the considerably higher prices and maintenance costs? Or is it not much smarter to calculate in length or performance areas instead of in classes? Well, the two of them clarify that, come on a little journey through the automotive past and present, from the Renault Twingo to the BMW X7, from the VW Passat I to the Porsche 964 to the - of course Renault Alpine and the inevitable - let's say it common - Subaru Levorg. This will be a really big audio cinema!

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