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Podcast: Do records on the Nordschleife really do anything?

Podcast 'Oversteering' (episode 15)
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And then about what it would be like to own another dream car. Because, of course, there are no super sports cars on the doorstep of the two of them, but amazingly home-style models. But even among them you can find your own dream car. In any case, it worked for both of them, so let's see what it is.

And then: continue listening to what else it could be. After all, it turns into an illustrious dream garage when the two of them talk about which cars they wanted to move into there as dream cars. And that's pretty much everything from Nissan Navara to Hyundai i30N to VW Multivan. Whether the Subaru Levorg will also find a place of honor in the garage. Yes now. So you'll hear that too.

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