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Podcast “ams explains” (23): Riding a motorcycle without a test

Podcast 'ams explained' (23)
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The trees are greening, the temperatures are rising and for many the convertible and motorcycle season is just beginning. But one thing is different this year - and for a change that has nothing to do with Corona. Since this year, a new driving license regulation has been in force, thanks to which owners of the class B driving license can drive two-wheelers up to 125 cubic capacity without testing - which was previously only possible with an extra class A1 driving license.

As usual, there are such Changes in the law, but some restrictions and what exactly they are, reveals in the current episode of auto motor und sport, MOTORRAD Service Editor Tobias Beyl. Because, unfortunately, just get on and drive off. Because in addition to the cubic capacity, there are also requirements in terms of age, driving hours and possible travel destinations, as Tobias Beyl explains. He also has valuable tips for beginners in terms of protective clothing, budget and vehicle choice.

You can hear what else Tobias Beyl had to say in a new, exciting episode of our auto motor und sport podcast.

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