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Podcast “ams explains” (13): The biggest battery mistakes

Podcast 'ams explained' (13)
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There are still strange myths and assumptions about the most important part of an electric car. It is precisely with them that auto motor und sport expert Dirk Gulde clears up and explains what potential there is still in the storage cells, whether Germany can become a serious location for battery cell production and what is the current state of research.

He also reveals whether the topic of solid-state batteries is really the savior, where the raw materials should come from to build the millions of electric cars required and whether electric cars really catch fire as many claim.

You can hear what else Dirk Gulde explained on the subject in a new, exciting episode of our podcast auto motor und sport explained. It appears 14 days together with the current auto motor und sport issue and can be downloaded from Spotify , Apple Podcast , Google Podcasts and Soundcloud be subscribed to!

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