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Pirelli loudspeakers: wind tunnel tires for a great look (2018)

Pirelli speakers
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P irelli currently supplies all Formula 1 teams with tires. Now the Italians are also showing a loudspeaker. The high-tech sound system is created in collaboration with the sound specialist IXOOST from Modena, Italy. The loudspeaker receives its signals via 4.0 Bluetooth, which enables wireless coupling of smartphones and other compatible devices. According to the manufacturer, the audio signal is optimized for the best possible sound reproduction.

The Pirelli loudspeaker has the shape of a wind tunnel tire scaled down one to two. Pirelli makes such tires available to Formula 1 teams in their original size for aerodynamic tests. The mini tire with a great sound is called 'Pirelli P Zero Sound tuned by IXOOST' and has a diameter of 330 and a depth of 200 millimeters.

The Pirelli loudspeakers are available in all nine Formula 1 color markings.

In all tire marking colors available

The technology of the Pirelli loudspeaker consists of an amplifier with a 100 watt digital signal processor. In addition, a 100 millimeter midrange and a 25 millimeter silk tweeter are installed. The entire loudspeaker is built at IXOOST's Italian production site.

The loudspeaker is available in the nine colors that the real Pirelli Formula 1 tires are marked with according to their respective compound: pink for hypersoft, violet for ultrasoft, red for super soft, yellow for soft, white for medium, light blue for hard, orange for superhard, green for intermediate (rain) and dark blue for full wet (rain).

The new Pirelli P Zero Sound tuned by IXOOST is available now and costs 2,950 euros per copy.


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