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Pirelli Connesso: Tire speaks to smartphone

Pirelli Connesso
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Z central element from Connesso is a sensor integrated in the tire wall. It continuously determines relevant properties of the tire such as temperature, inflation pressure and static load. Even when the vehicle is parked. It also records the number of kilometers covered and uses this to calculate tire wear. The sensor sends the data to a central control unit and to the Pirelli Cloud. They form the control center of the Connesso system. The information is processed there and then transmitted to the app on the smartphone.

The driver can find out about the tire pressure and wear at any time. In the event of a breakdown, the app also provides contact to the nearest tire dealer. Tire change or replacement appointments can also be arranged via the app.

The sensor data is saved in the cloud and passed on to the driver.

Pirelli Connesso is currently on the replacement market aligned. However, the tire manufacturer is currently developing a technical solution for original equipment in cooperation with some automobile manufacturers.

Pirelli Connesso will initially be available as P Zero and Winter Sottozero tires in sizes from 19 inches from summer 2017 onwards in the USA, then in the main markets of Europe and the Far East.


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