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Pirelli Calendar 2020, Paolo Roversi.
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I n the latest edition of the calendar Paolo Roversi was inspired by the Shakespeare drama “Romeo and Juliet” and went in search of Juliet. In addition, the 72-old photographer puts the actresses Emma Watson, Claire Foy, Kristen Stewart, Yara Shahidi and Mia Goth as well as the transgender model Indya Moore and the singers Chris Lee and Rosalía artistically in scene. Roversi's daughter Stella is also involved.

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For the first time, the Pirelli calendar merges photography and film, as it is accompanied by an 18-minute short film. Here Paolo Roversi plays himself as a director and interviews the candidates for the role of Julia. The two divided scenery of the story is also reflected in the calendar motifs. The actresses branch out on set without make-up and without costumes, talking about their role and the hope of being selected. In the second section, they wear the costumes of the Shakespeare tragedy, whereby reality and fiction merge into one another in the different images.

Pirelli Calendar 2020, Alessandro Scotti
Emma Watson in a wedding dress at the shoot for the Pirelli calendar 2020.

'Me was looking for a pure soul, shaped by innocence, strength of will, beauty, tenderness and courage. I saw a glimmer of it in the eyes, the gestures and the words of Emma, ​​Yara, Indya and Mia. In the smiles and tears of Kristen and Claire. In the voices and singing of Chris and Rosalía. And innocence in Stella. There is a Julia in every woman, and I will never stop looking for her, 'explains Roversi.

Pirelli Calendar 2020, Alessandro Scotti
Photographer Paolo Roversi with actress Claire Foy.

Roversi , by the way, the first Italian photographer to shoot for the Pirelli calendar, realized the project in Verona and Paris, among others. The Pirelli calendar comprises 132 pages with the date and text passages from Romeo and Juliet. 58 pages of it show the actresses and the city of Verona in black and white and color. On the back, the calendar in gold lettering shows Juliet's date of birth, as well as the dates of the first meeting with Romeo, the wedding date and the days of her death.

Pirelli Calendar 2020 The actresses from 'the Cal' 2020.

The 2020 Pirelli calendar is the 47th Issued since its publication in 1964. At that time, Derek Forsyth was hired as the photographer. Since then, “The Cal” has reflected current events and social developments. But not only the most successful photographers and the most beautiful models contributed to the success. The decision not to put the Pirelli calendar on the open market, but only to distribute it to friends and customers of the Pirelli company, contributed to its cult status.

In our table you will find all the motifs and details of past editions.


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