Pirelli calendar 2014: 50th anniversary

© Pirelli Calendar 2014, Helmut Newton.
Pirelli Calendar 2014
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S it has been around for 50 years famous Pirelli calendar and “The Cal” has been cult for 50 years. And for the anniversary, Pirelli has come up with something very special. The 2014 edition is the previously unpublished Pirelli calendar from 1986, which star photographer Helmut Newton staged.

The 2014 Pirelli calendar was photographed by Helmut Newton in 1986

Die According to the company, the calendar did not appear at the time, but was merely kept in the Pirelli history archive. According to the tire manufacturer, the Fondazione restored the calendar in “long and careful work”. In 1985 Helmut Newton was commissioned to photograph the Pirelli Calendar 1986 - without artistic specifications, but the product should be clearly visible for the first time. The first photos were taken as part of the Monaco GP and were later moved to Tuscany.

When Newton had to leave the set due to family matters, he commissioned the fashion designer and assistant Manuela Pavesi with his camera according to precise instructions To finish shooting. However, the artistic originator remains Helmut Newton.

History of 'The Cal' in Milan

The Pirelli calendar 2014 remains in the original black-and-white design from 1986. Twelve photos and 29 backstage images can be seen.

On November 23, 2013, the anniversary calendar in Milan, at the company's headquarters, will be marked with a big gala presented. There will also be various events related to the anniversary calendar. In June 2013, the photographers Peter Lindbergh and Partick Demarchelier staged models such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Helena Christensen, Isabeli Fontana, Miranda Kerr, Karolina Kurkova and Alek Wek again. “In the past, they all made a significant contribution to the success story of the calendar,” says Pirelli. These images and around 160 other photos by over 30 photographers can also be admired in the history exhibition in the Bicocca hangar in Milan.

Pirelli calendar is not for sale

In 1964, the first Pirelli Calendar opened, Derek Forsyth was hired as a photographer. Since then, 'The Cal' has reflected current events and also social developments. But not only the most successful photographers and the most beautiful models contributed to the success. Also the decision not to use the Pirelli calendarto give it for sale, but only to distribute it to friends and customers of the Pirelli company, contributed to the cult status


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