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Pirelli Annual Report 2011: Much more than just numbers

Pirelli Stefan Glerum
Pirelli Annual Report 2011
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W he thinks of the annual report of a large corporation, arrives Lead deserts and eternal columns of numbers are not over. It was no different with the tire manufacturer Pirelli. The 2011 annual report, which will be published on May 10, will be completely different. It combines business facts with art, philosophy and culture.

Four authors and one graphic artist

Four internationally renowned Authors took up pen for Pirelli. In their contributions, they offer some surprising, sometimes provocative considerations, the starting point of which is either the Italian company or its main product, the tire.

This is how the German writer, essayist, philosopher and editor Hans Magnus Enzensberger asks: How could a small rubber factory founded 140 years ago in Milan resist the creative destruction that is so typical of capitalist economies? And who has already fallen victim to so many corporations?

In the opinion of the US travel writer and photojournalist William Least Heat-Moon, the United States of America became the United States of America thanks to tires alone. And because long car journeys are the true religion of Americans, it would be a contemporary expression of American culture to replace the 50 stars in the national flag with 50 tires.

A Pirelli tire inspired the Argentine author and essayist Guillermo Martínez on a short story. In it, an old, experienced taxi driver uses his knowledge of these tires to solve a murder case.

What unites and what separates artists and engineers? How is technology superior to art? Anyone reading the article by the Spanish writer and literature professor Javier Cercas will find plausible explanations.

The texts are supplemented by 15 illustrations by the well-known Dutch graphic designer Stefan Glerum. In each of his pictures he interprets a characteristic or a feature, the combination of which defines the brand.

You can see all illustrations in our photo show.


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