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Pimper & # 39; s Paradise or Tuning Sin? Nasty tuning cars

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Pimper's Paradise or tuning sin?
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I m principle everything is possible. Whether it makes sense is another matter. But that's not what those who make their car unique don't care. With crazy body kits, paintwork, rims or interior refinements. What is a sin for some is a tuning paradise for others.

Markus Stier
The perfect car for pirate Jack Sparrow? In the Audi A4 Avant, known as the Black Pearl, the captain has to crank hard.

Judge for yourself after a look at the photo show

An old VW Polo with carpets on the body and the In any case, you don't see exterior mirrors every day. Certainly some in the scene will find this simply porn. Others, on the other hand, find it tasteless and would probably like to tear the polo's clothes off. In any case, the owner should have a vacuum cleaner in the trunk. Who knows what all of that collects on the Polo.

In Japan, the tuning scene is blooming. An Aventador is often repainted into a colorful bird and the front splitter is decorated in gold. Gold is a good hook. Anyone who has golden taps in their own bathroom will certainly not shy away from a completely gold-plated car. There are various examples of this in the tuning scene.

Porsche Cayman - or the automobile gold bar .

If you think that you can't really sink any deeper, you should take a look around our photo show. There you will meet cars that are guaranteed to surrender to every curb. But also the opposite. In the USA even a Ford Mustang is fitted with 30-inch wheels. So that one would like to chase the pony from the yard. Or maybe not? We leave the judgment up to you.


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