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Piecha Mercedes E-Class: Sporty for the two-door

Piecha Design
Piecha Mercedes E-Class Coupé /Cabrio
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D he AMG front apron of the Mercedes E -Class is supplemented by a new RS spoiler lip by Picha. The rear apron also has a sporty addition. A rear diffuser insert with elongated underbody fins - optionally in real carbon - enhances the standard component. A three-part spoiler lip is used on the boot lid in addition to the apron attachment. On request, new sill panels can light up LEDs on the flanks.

Sports exhaust and aluminum rims

As a treat for the eyes and In the ear, Piecha Design has a four-pipe sports exhaust system made of stainless steel for all engines to match the rear diffuser. Alternatively, all six- and eight-cylinder models are available with four-pipe exhaust retrofitting in the same design for welding to the standard silencer.

The conversion of the Mercedes E-Class by Piecha Design will only be complete with new alloy wheels . The in-house MP1 monoblock rims measure 19 inches in diameter and have 225/35 tires on the front axle and 235/35 tires on the rear. Alternatively, tires in the dimensions 255/30 and 275/30 or other rims can also be installed. Wheel spacers of 25 to 40 millimeters per axle then put them in the right light. Shorter suspension springs lower the body's center of gravity by 30 millimeters.

A new control module for the vario roof allows roof operation up to 40 km /h, another module is supposed to make the response of the electronic accelerator pedal livelier and the shift times of the automatic transmission shorter .


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