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Pickup registration numbers: Ford beats VW

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Pickup approval numbers 2014
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F or for manufacturers, pickups are one thing above all else: a profitable business. Comparatively simple design with correspondingly low production costs, very long product cycles with consequently long distributed development costs. And prices that don't sound like the social tariff - less than 30,000 euros are rare when the sales contract is signed.

With VW's entry into the German market, the hope was that the pickup segment would become expand significantly. In fact, the Amarok was able to liven up the pickup scene, but not bring it to unrestrained growth. Compared to SUVs, which are celebrating double-digit growth rates from year to year, pickup sales in Germany have so far remained essentially constant between 12-13,000 units per year.

Germany's best-selling pickups

Now at the beginning of summer, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) is presenting the complete 2014 statistics, from which the new pickup registrations can also be read. And they do hold a big surprise. Not only is there significant growth of around 13 percent, there is also a new market leader that does not come from VW. In figures: in 2013 there were still a total of 12,717 newly registered pickups, the new registrations rose to 14,340 vehicles last year.

When the VW Amarok took the stage in 2011, it was able to go straight to the pickup in Germany. Drive approval peak. The large sales network of the VW commercial vehicle department ensured good sales from the start. But in 2014 another pickup took the crown. And not just barely, but by far: Ford sold more than 500 Rangers more than VW's Amarok. Not only changed customer preferences play a role here, but also the finally reduced delivery times for the bearish 3.2-liter engine, for which customers sometimes had to wait more than a year.

2016 will be the pickup year

2014 and the current year will mean a bit of calm before the storm in the pickup industry: so far it's only the new one Mitsubishi L200 launched, the new versions of Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux and also of the Ford Ranger will only be able to set real accents in 2016. The cessation of production of the Land Rover Defender and thus the farewell to the long 130 double-cab pickup at the end of 2015 will, however, have little statistical effect -it has also ranked last in the last few years.

In the picture gallery you will find the total number of registrations of the most popular pickups in Germany. This does not include free imports, which primarily affects US full-size trucks.


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