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Pickup new registrations 2016: the figures in detail

Pickup new registrations 2016
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E s is always a not entirely understandable hang-up, but we have each other meanwhile used to it: It takes until summer every year to receive the official registration statistics for commercial vehicles from the previous year from the Federal Motor Transport Authority. This also includes those vehicles that German off-road fans are becoming increasingly fond of: Pickups.

They are trendy, as the new registrations prove - they increased by at least 12 in the pickup segment compared to the previous year , 8 percent. The 20,000 mark was only just missed; 19,927 pickups hit our roads for the first time in 2016. This relates to the officially sold models, it does not include exotic vehicles such as the RAM and other full-size trucks that are collected in the registration statistics in the 'Other' category.

Pickup new registrations 13 percent up

The fact that the pickups continue to have buoyancy despite their not necessarily city-friendly dimensions is also due to the SUV boom. Because while the pseudo-off-roaders, often not even with all-wheel drive, reproduce like rabbits, the affordable real off-road vehicles are becoming fewer and fewer. The Land Rover Defender was last hit. And many people still have a need for all-terrain devices that can really grab hold of it.

In addition, more brands are getting involved in the business without affecting the established models. This can be seen particularly well in the example of the Fiat Fullback, a new addition from last year and identical to the Mitsubishi L200 except for the brand emblem. But the market entry of the Italian twin didn't bother, Mitsubishi was able to increase sales of the L200 by at least 24 percent.

VW Amarok loses second place

Unfortunately not included: Send full-size pickups like the RAM. These are not statistically recorded by the KBA because of the small amount.

The growth was even stronger at Nissan, where sales of the Navara were around the same 51 percent increased. The Navara, known to be the basis for the upcoming Mercedes pickup (which will give the market further impetus), managed to pass the VW Amarok in second place. The Amarok, the only loser among the pickups with a minus of almost 23 percent, hit the model changeover to the new V6 engine in the second half of the year. To date, only the high-priced equipment and high-performance variants are available, the more affordable Amarok models will be available for delivery in autumn 2017 at the earliest. The topic will continue to drag on.

Lonely at the top is still the Ford Ranger, who was able to extend its lead again (plus 17 percent new registrations). The Ranger shows what makes success: a chic and representative look and everyday driving comfort paired with low prices: a new Ford Ranger with all-wheel drive is already available from dealers for less than 20,000 euros.

The exact registration figures for pickups in Germany for 2016 we have summarized it in the picture gallery.


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