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Picked up !: Daimler wants MV Agusta share

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B already in July there were the first rumors that the Stuttgart carmaker would like to buy into the Italians with a minority stake. Now, according to the 'Süddeutscher Zeitung', the cooperation talks should be on the home straight. Accordingly, Daimler wants to take over 25 percent of the motorcycle manufacturer from Varese for around 30 million euros. The remaining shares are to remain with the Castiglioni family.

MV Agusta as AMG partner

With the entry at MV Agusta, Daimler could catch up with its German rivals in the premium segment. BMW had had a two-wheeler division in the group for over 90 years. Audi only thwarted Daimler in April 2012 with the purchase of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, with whom the Swabians had already initiated a cooperation in the area of ​​AMG.

Should it come to a cooperation, Daimler appears to be the motorcycle manufacturer with the AMG- Wanting to combine the division. The sporty car offshoot could benefit from the sporty image of the motorcycle manufacturer. In return, MV Agusta could use the fresh money to press ahead with its expansion plans and also use the international Mercedes sales network.


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