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Peugeot Style special models: Price savings of up to 1,320 euros

Peugeot Style special models
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A ll Peugeot Style special models are based on the Active comfort equipment line and have a large panoramic glass roof and style logos under the exterior mirrors. In addition, the models can be upgraded with so-called style packages.

Peugeot 508 SW offers the greatest price advantage

The Peugeot 208 is available with an 82 hp petrol engine or a 99 hp diesel engine. Prices start at 15,990 euros. The customer benefit is up to 780 euros. The special model 2008 Style, for which there is a choice of two diesel and two petrol engines, offers a price advantage of up to 880 euros. The starting price here is 17,990 euros.

The 308 is also available for the first time as a special style model, namely as the 308 sedan and the 308 SW station wagon. Two petrol and one diesel engine are available as drive alternatives. The prices for the special models are between 21,650 and 25,950 euros, which means a customer benefit of up to 1,040 euros.

The 3008 Style is available with engines from 120 to 150 hp and costs from 26,600 euros. Here the customer benefit should be up to 1,160 euros. Three engines are also available for the Peugeot 5008, which is available from 27,400 euros and promises a price advantage of up to 1,180 euros. The last model in the range of style models is the 508 SW, with a choice of three drives from 150 to 165 hp, one of which has an automatic transmission. Here the prices start at 31,750 euros, the price advantage adds up to 1,320 euros.


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