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Peugeot strategy: with new models against a decline in sales

Reinhard Schmid
Peugeot strategy
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In this difficult environment, P eugeot do better than the competition. With an expected market decline of 26 percent, the minus at Peugeot should be 19 percent to 112,000 cars in the worst case.

New models should generate sales

The carmaker's more optimistic scenario envisages a decline of only 14 percent to 119,000 cars. In 2009, Peugeot had sold 138,000 vehicles in Germany and thus cracked the previous record from the period after the reunification of 1991.

Belly's confidence is based on the Group's new and future vehicles. 'I came to Peugeot because I am convinced that it is a company that has excellent future prospects through its products,' said the 46-year-old manager, who left the General Motors subsidiary just over 100 days ago gtm-article-text-link href='https://topgear-autoguide.com/marken-modelle/opel/'> Opel moved to the top of the Peugeot.

In 2010, the models introduced last year will be 3008 and 5008 their first have a full sales year. In the course of the year, the sporty Coupé RCZ will also be launched in Germany. At the end of 2010, Peugeot was the first European manufacturer to bring a purely electric vehicle into the sales area. According to Bauch, many new customers have switched to Peugeot. Bauch does not expect the manufacturers to continue to lure them with aggressive cheap offers. The carmakers had significantly reduced their stocks last year. There is currently no pressure to bring vehicles with power onto the market. 'For me it is certain that the earnings and margin situation in the automotive business as a whole is already so tense that there can be no discount war,' he said. The situation of the entire French PSA group with the brands Peugeot and Citroën , on the other hand, looks relaxed. 'We're in good shape.'


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