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Peugeot Ion: standard electric car from autumn 2010

Peugeot Ion: Electric car in a driving report
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Why P eugeot presents its new electric car in Berlin of all places? Certainly not because there are so many power outlets in the federal capital. In addition to journalists, numerous politicians and lobbyists from power companies sneaked around the presentation around the Peugeot Ion.

The Peugeot Ion is equipped with ESP as standard

The rechargeable French is by no means a technological marvel. Technically and optically, the car largely corresponds to the Mitsubishi i -MIEV (the Mitsubishi i-MIEV in a practical test) and comes off the production line with its twin, which is already available in Japan. The most important changes: The Peugeot Ion will Equipped as standard with the electronic stability program ESP. In addition, the French did not agree with the appearance of the material in the cockpit, so that the Peugeot Ion looks different in the interior. But it's not that far yet. Only a right-hand drive prototype is available for the first exit, which does not detract from the fascination of the electric car.

Pedestrians do not notice the quiet Peugeot Ion

With a fully charged lithium-ion battery, the 47 kW e-dwarf gets on with it the streets of Berlin. The Ion scurries nimbly around Potsdamer Platz, sprinting away high-capacity state cars at the traffic lights. Its design-related advantage: The 180 Nm torque of the electric motor is already fully applied the first time you press the pedal, and the electric car does not know any switching breaks. However, the Ion driver has to be careful when turning, because the pedestrians, thickly wrapped in winter jackets and hats, take the only quiet whirring electric car not true.

For the Peugeot Ion you pay a good 30,000 euros

Outside the city limits, however, the Peugeot quickly runs out of juice.Firstly, the water-cooled electric motor in the rear with the 1,100 kg of the small car has a hard time on the country road, and secondly, not least, the cold ensures that the stored electricity is used up quickly. Heating and lighting take their toll. So back to town. According to Peugeot's ideas, this is where the Peugeot Ion, which costs a good 30,000 euros, is to be used anyway, for which the French already have 2,000 pre-orders, 550 of them from Germany. 100 are to be delivered this year. In total, Peugeot wants to sell around 50,000 Peugeot Ions (the Peugeot Ion at the IAA) by 2015 and, in addition to purchasing, also offers a leasing model in which customers, including maintenance, are expected to pay around 500 euros per month over three years. Later, the Peugeot Ion will also be able to be leased as a used car.

There is great hope for government support for the Peugeot Ion

Another business idea to make the car known is car sharing The Mu program that Peugeot has already introduced in five French cities. Berlin is to follow in the first half of 2010. With a kind of prepaid card, you can rent any Peugeot model from a dealer, from bicycles to scooters to cars. The only thing missing is state support for e-cars. Hopes are high because the politicians liked the Peugeot Ion a lot.


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