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Peugeot builds food truck & # 34; Bistrot du Lion & # 34;: food on wheels

Peugeot builds food truck 'Bistrot du Lion'
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W he doesn't feel like going to the restaurant to go and don't want to eat the food in his own place, Peugeot offers an alternative: the 'Bistrot du Lion'. The French are presenting their vision for mobile catering with the catering car.

Peugeot Foodtruck - the mobile open-air kitchen

When closed, the 'Bistrot du Lion' is an ordinary compact van. With its tight bodywork, it should be ideally suited for city tours. It’s possible. But only without the big trailer.

If the van opens its doors in the style of a transformer, it transforms into an open-air kitchen. One with good equipment. Four grill and induction plates, a deep fryer and extractor hood, plus an espresso machine: in the 'Bistrot du Lion', both hobby and star chefs can conjure up their menu.

Peugeot hides the ingredients for this in the underbody. The French are integrating a 400-liter refrigerator there. Another 350 liter refrigerator is available for drinks.

The cutlery and crockery that the van carries is enough for 30 invited guests. Their entertainment is ensured by a music lounge including a mixer. Those who prefer to keep an eye on the cook can either do so directly. Or follow the chef's every move on a 46-inch screen.


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