Peugeot 408 at the Beijing Motor Show

Peugeot 408 at the Beijing Motor Show
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Developed by Peugeot and the Chinese production partner Dong Feng, the China 408 has nothing to do with the 407 - successor for Europe to do. In Europe, the 407 and 607 will be replaced by the new 508. However, the face of the China-408 already takes on the appearance of the upcoming P eugeot 308 in advance.

Dong Feng Peugeot 408 for China

The nomenclature 408 of the China model refers on the one hand to the total length of 4.68 meters and on the other hand to the eighth vehicle generation. The Peugeot 408 comes as a classically designed notchback sedan, and thus meets the wishes of Chinese customers.

With a wheelbase of 2.71 meters, a width of 1.81 meters and a height of 1.52 meters the Dong Feng Peugeot 408 offer space for five passengers, with a particularly large amount of foot space for the rear passengers. The rear overhang is long and the trunk is correspondingly generous with 481 liters. In the interior, too, numerous shelves accommodate larger items.

The lines are based on the familiar Peugeot -Design. The nose stretches out far, the almond-shaped headlights reach far into the fenders. In the lower part of the front apron, a powerful air inlet craves for cooling air. At the rear, the well-known, horizontally positioned taillights remain.

There is a choice of two motors

The China-408 can be driven by either one 110 PS and 147 Nm strong 1.6 liter petrol engine or a two liter petrol engine with 147 PS and 200 Nm. Both engines are linked to a manual five-speed gearbox as standard. A four-speed automatic transmission can also be ordered as an option. Depending on the version, the 408 rolls on 16- or 17-inch aluminum rims with wide tires.

The standard safety equipment of the 408 includes ABS, ESP, a brake assistant and traction control. Xenon headlights with cornering lights, navigation systems, air conditioning, audio systems and numerous comfort equipment are also available.

The Dong Feng Peugeot 408 is manufactured in China. After thisMarket launch in the Middle Kingdom, the 408 is to be exported to other countries.


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