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Petrol station business: Aral remains the market leader

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D as said Aral CEO Stefan Brok on Tuesday evening (February 2nd) in Düsseldorf . The market share grew from 23 to 23.5 percent. Aral expanded its network by a good 80 to a total of 2,513 stations. This includes 117 filling stations operated by medium-sized mineral oil traders who have been selling Aral fuel since 2009. The fiercest competitor on the German market is Shell.

Shop business accounts for 60 percent

In 2009, the Aral filling stations benefited from the growing thirst for coffee of their customers. Sales of hot beverages, especially coffee, increased by almost 13 percent. The share of sales in the shops already accounts for around 60 percent of Aral's total income. 'Without the shops we would not find any petrol station operators,' said a spokesman. Aral does not provide any precise information on sales and profits in the pure fuel business. With a profit of around one cent per liter, fuel sales result in an arithmetical good 100 million euros after-tax profit.

Normal will disappear, LPG will be expanded

According to Brok, the interest of Aral customers in normal gasoline has decreased again. In the course of the year, the type of gasoline will be removed from the offer at an increasing number of stations. Aral continues to offer Super at the same price. The chain plans to invest a total of 9.5 million euros this year and next for additional LPG pumps. Around 380,000 LPG vehicles are currently registered, and the number is growing, said the company spokesman. Aral wants to more than double the number of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) stations, especially in large cities and on motorways, to 220 by the end of 2011.


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