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Paul Pietsch Classic 2018: Germany's most beautiful classic car

Paul Pietsch Classic 2018
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N a good, the one or the other spontaneous shower went on first day down. But this is simply part of an event known as outdoor activity. In addition, the mixed weather offers perfect test conditions for the high-quality fabric tops.

If the bad luck rings twice

One driver pairing couldn't care much about the weather on this second day: Car number 40 fell into the moody mechanics to the victim. And that just four weeks after the major inspection. The fact that Hans-Ulrich Sachs and his wife Danielle Sachs already completed another rally as overall winner in a Porsche 356 B Super 90 from 1962 between the inspection and the technical dilemma helps to endure the misery they suffered. Especially since Danielle Sachs owes a very interesting and formative experience to the whole mess: 'So I was finally allowed to ride in a real fire engine!'

The best remedy for a cramp: a stone

Danielle Sachs
This stone saved Hans-Ulrich Sachs from a mean leg cramp.

Yes from the beginning: After the handbrake gave up on the first day because of a broken split pin (a real cent component), the signs were not quite red. With an eight minute delay, the Saxons were able to catch up and ' the first tests went really well, ”assures Hans-Ulrich Sachs. But then “The second gear didn't want to go in on an incline, of all places, and I stopped,” he continues his accident report. The response to the emergency call 'We'll be there in 45 minutes' drove the first beads of sweat to the entrepreneur's forehead. “I certainly would haveAfter ten minutes I got a cramp in my lower leg - after all, the handbrake is still defective. ”His wife immediately went looking for a suitable brake block and found it in a small stream. Together with the helpers who had just arrived from the car trade, she heaved the boulders behind the wheels. This was followed by the aforementioned bus ride in the legendary fire brigade Mercedes 408 and the realization of Hans-Ulrich Sachs: “What used to complain about the ADAC (for known reasons). But: Now he is constantly helping me out of trouble with my oldies - a great team! And the most important thing is the family anyway. ”

Racing driver meets captain

Another finding of the 7th edition of the Paul Pietsch Classic is: The captain will be 80 years old! I beg your pardon? Yes, it's the Opel Kapitän's birthday. And precisely for this reason, a fleet of three models from the 1950s and 1960s rolled through the Black Forest. Opel could count on prominent support: The 1962 captain circled Le Mans winner and Opel brand ambassador Jockel Winkelhock through the curves. Actress and Grimme Prize winner Jeanette Hain accompanied him as a passenger. Both put their rally skills to the test in the 4.83-meter-long sedan with a 90-hp 2.6-liter petrol engine. Through the captain's large panoramic window, they were able to enjoy unforgettable views of the two stages from Offenburg via Gengenbach, through the picturesque Elz Valley and Schiltach, and on the second day of the rally via Baiersbronn and Sasbachwalden.

With a 58 hp six-cylinder through the Black Forest

A 132 hp captain from 1969 completed the Paul Pietsch Classic as second in the Opel group. Around 11,000 copies of the very rare Kapitän B, which was only built from March 1969 to spring 1970, were made - only a few of which still exist. The oldest Opel participant in the Black Forest Tour is the 1952 captain with a displacement of 2.5 liters and 58 hp. During the economic boom, it became one of the best-selling six-cylinder vehicles in Germany.

Motorsport stars on the hunt for special stages

In addition to Jockel Winkelhock, other former motorsport stars also gave the Paul Pietsch Classic 2018 the honor. Ex-Formula 1 driver Adrian Sutil drove a Ferrari 250 GT Series II from 1962 around the corner. “I've been gripped by rally fever since the Mille Miglia,” he said briefly and drove into the special stage. With Isolde Holderied, a very experienced rally lady started in a Toyota AE 86. And Peter Göbel, multiple German rally champion, drove for the placements.

The names alone read sporty

Achim Hartmann
With Astrid Fünderich (SOKO-Stuttgart) and Michael Gaedt (Die kleine Tierschau) a 1979 Porsche 911 SC was extremely cinematic of course. The starting line-up reads like a well-researched script for an automotive blockbuster: start number 92 - De Tomaso Pantera GT4, start number 93 - Intermeccanica Indra, start number 94 - De Tomaso Pantera and start number 95 - Jensen Interceptor Convertible. Apropos script: Astrid Fünderich (SOKO-Stuttgart) and Michael Gaedt (Die kleine Tierschau) were cineastically cast in a 1979 Porsche 911 SC.

The Swiss Council of Elders

Marcel Sommer
The Delahaye 122 Special Brooklands from 1933 caused big eyes upon its arrival.

However, three Swiss had the biggest appearance at the same time. As punctual as the train (at least the Swiss), three trailers rolled in front of the Kulturforum in Offenburg. Immediately visible on two of them: a De Dion Bouton IS from 1924 - and thus the oldest participant in the PPC 2018 - and a Georges Irat MDS from 1936. After a few moments, however, the secret of the guest, protected from wind and weather, was revealed . A Delahaye 122 Spezial Brooklands from 1933 rolled out of the closed trailer inch by inch.

It is best to drive with humor

One of the youngest vehicles in the field, a BMW M3 from 1991 , and provided with the highest starting number of the field (110)two likable gentlemen from Luxembourg competed. 'This year things are not going very well for us, but we are enjoying the incredibly beautiful routes once more,' reveals André Wilwert (1st place in the 1st special stage 'Freiamt' of the PPC2108!). His passenger Alfred Quetsch added with a grin on his face: “Do you know what is really nice about the Paul Pietsch Classic? The food! And best of all: it is always refilled. If you have the highest starting number in the field it can look sad at the buffet - not here! ”

Joy can sometimes be so easy

What the day, despite its short but intense one Cloud break, rounded off to an unforgettable experience, shows a little thing on the side: A mother and her five-year-old son come to the PPC stand in the finish area and buy a program booklet. As soon as your son holds it in his little hands, he storms with slightly damp eyes beaming with joy to the automotive legends and goes into his very own rally world full of automotive dinosaurs. Giving joy can sometimes be so easy. Thank you to all participants!

Congratulations to all award winners

In addition to all award winners of the individual special stages and day stages, the greatest attention goes to the winning team of this year's Paul Pietsch Classic 2018: start number 49 Dr. Norbert Griesmayr and Ferdinand Baumgartner in the Mercedes-Benz 220 S from 1959. Congratulations!

You can find all results of the Paul Pietsch Classic 2018 here.


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