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Parking fees in comparison: tariffs doubled in 4 years

Parking fees in comparison
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D ie auto motor und sport determined the highest hourly prices for Munich, where drivers in the most expensive parking garages have to pay six euros per hour. This is followed by Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Stuttgart with hourly prices of four euros.

But parking is cheap even in the most expensive German metropolises. Auto motor und sport found parking spaces for 80 cents per hour in downtown Munich. In many inner cities there are still free parking spaces, for example in Berlin, Bochum, Duisburg, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Wuppertal.

Parking at the airport is luxury

Parking at German airports is now real luxury. The Bavarian capital, Munich, is the most expensive here too. Passengers who take off from there and park their car at the airport for a week pay up to 190 euros. In Frankfurt, Germany's largest airport, a week in the most expensive parking garage costs 130 euros and thus 60 euros less than in Munich. Other large airports take a little less: Stuttgart, the third most expensive airport, charges up to 120 euros per week, while Berlin airports charge up to 109 euros per week. This is followed by Hamburg (100), Cologne /Bonn (99) and Nuremberg (96).

Interesting is the development of prices. The weekly prices in Berlin at Sch├Ânefeld Airport have climbed from 39 to 79 euros since 2007 - this corresponds to an increase of over 100 percent. Four years ago, vacationers in Frankfurt am Main paid 64 euros for seven days; in 2011 it was at least 115 euros.


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