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Parking aids for retrofitting: Parking aids against parking bumps

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Parking aids for retrofitting
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E Actually everything was like every day, as Hedwig Leidinger backed her Citroën Saxo out of the garage. Apart from the fact that her son Sebastian blocked the road with his car.

Large range of retrofit systems

The elderly woman noticed it a tad too late. The result: a dent in her son's car. In order to avoid such cases in the future, the pensioner decided to have a reversing alarm installed. 'After all, the costs are out of proportion to the high repair costs for a parking bump,' says her son. From now on, a distance warning will signal acoustically when things are getting tight. Whether from Waeco (www.waeco.de), Bosch (www.bosch.de), Inpro (www.in-pro.de) or Conrad (www.conrad.de): the range of retrofit systems is as wide as the price range that ranges from around 50 to just under 500 euros.

The large differences are mainly explained by the different equipment. In addition to systems that are tailored to a car thanks to special installation kits and which use a system monitor to more or less precisely display the distance to obstacles in the form of a beep, there are simple variants that require a certain amount of manual skills for assembly.

Various technical aids

Last but not least, tapping the on-board power supply is not entirely problem-free. Finally, the beeper usually has to be coupled to the reversing light in order to be activated when reverse gear is engaged. If in doubt, it is better to hire a specialist workshop. Costs: 150 to 350 euros.

As a rule, four ultrasonic sensors have to be installed in the bumper, which is rarely possible without drilling. An exception to this rule is the system available from Conrad with an adhesive antenna tape. Reversing alarms with video interfaces, which signal the distance to the obstacle via the vehicle's own monitor, are particularly elegant. Not everyone wants to have an additional screen in the cockpit; if you want to be on the safe side, you can also mount sensors at the front. The bottom line is that retrofitting is usually cheaper than a parking bump.


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