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Paris exhibition tour II: Of furniture and people

Markus Stier
Paris exhibition tour II
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D he eye of the playful Homo Sapiens inevitably stays on a squeezed one Citroen DS3 WRC hanging, which you could put in your living room in order to finally be adequately accommodated for the rally simulation on the Playstation. Admittedly, you don't really have to try to move other furniture into the room. There is simply no space.

Mine measures 126 inches

Unless the topic is discussed a bit larger and reserves the largest room in the apartment or the entire garage for a six-legged monster. Every supplier that comes up has some kind of simulators that make it squeak and humming, but not this hydraulic octopus, which makes up a considerable part of the Ford stand. The thing is on six stamps that even provides space for three people. And anyone who has ever been proud of their 46-inch flat-screen television is now silent, because in front of the bucket seat, like a three-wing 126-inch altar, spread out in front of the viewer, on which he can fly unchecked from the curve. The whole fun costs an unpleasant 25,000 euros, but with that you can be absolutely sure: The neighbors on the street - oh what am I saying - in the entire catchment area don't have anything like that.

If you like it a little quieter, and thinks rather minimalist, you can also buy a simple carbon fiber monocoque as a reading chair or as a dust catcher, cost: 30,000 euros, with crash boxes and a little something to it for 60,000. After all, you also want to represent a bit.

Vive l'electricité

In that case, you buy yourself also rather not the latest McLaren, but an Infiniti Emerg-E super sports car with electric drive. Even if VW boss Winterkorn declared it totally out a few days ago: Electric is totally in, especially when it comes with a tailor-made suitcase set, like the French sports car manufacturer Exagon. Nobody in our part of the world has ever heard of the company, they may consider Exagon to be a new laxative, but it is a continuation agent whose Siemens motors deliver 400 hp and which are said to be 300 kilometers long.

Electromobility has in France has a long tradition, and so there are considerably more cars with alternative drives than anywhere else.While in this country at most one or the other Twizy drives on the streets, France even has electric cars on the racetracks. Whether as a circuit training car in Monthlery or as a drifting device for the Andros Trophy. The sponsor of the Eisrenner is typically called 'Saft'.

Caterpillars and sharks

The latest coup is called Green GT and the design is based on the animal world. The nose is borrowed from the hammerhead, the rear fairing with a skeleton look is known to visitors to the desert from dead horses on the roadside. But the racer has two electric motors with a total of 544 hp, which are fed by a fuel cell and will compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans next year.

If all attempts to save the planet should fail, Hyundai has taken precautions with an approximately one kilometer long tracked vehicle with living areas and its own bio-power plant on board. Appropriately, the model built in an 80 centimeter model is called 'Noah.'


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