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Paint customization: Audi relies on paint tattoos

Paint customization
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I n In the newly developed process, a template is first attached to the component, which leaves out the desired pattern. Then a special powder roughen the top layer of paint a few thousandths of a millimeter deep, so that individual signets become visible when light falls. This creates an effect similar to a matt and homogeneous embossing.

Audi is currently offering paint customization for the sideblades on the R8.

Motifs up to 1 sqm possible

The Audi paint shop can implement almost any motif that the customer wants and that does not affect the rights of third parties. Components with a size of 1 x 1 meter can currently be processed with the method. In contrast to the usual labels and motifs, this type of “lettering” is weather-resistant and should have a significantly higher quality look.

Audi is currently offering this customization technology for the R8 sports car through Audi exclusive. Here, customers can have the sideblades on the R8 individually designed. An expansion of the offer to other models is planned.


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