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Overview of IAA studies: IAA studies since 1987

Overview of IAA studies
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U nd a look into the past of the IAA is worthwhile, the concept dreams have now become a reality - unfortunately often not to the advantage of the series models.

In addition, our review offers the opportunity to mourn the beautiful Audi Avantissimo, for example. As early as 1987, Renault showed at the IAA how you could be on the road with just two liters of fuel per kilometer.

Greenpeace stole Renault study, VW showed gullwing van

The 500 kilo Renault Vesta was stolen from the Renault Museum by Greenpeace in 1993 to draw attention to the economical vehicle . And not to forget the VW Futura, which was presented at the IAA in 1989 and showed a compact van with wing doors and all-wheel steering with automatic parking. But do you remember the first study for the Mercedes A-Class from 1993? Or to Opel Lotus Omega with over 300 hp. No, then let yourself be carried away into the world of IAA studies.


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