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Overview of cars with 12-cylinder engines (V12, W12)

Cars with V12 and W12
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The new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso ( F ahrbericht ) has a. So did his rear-wheel drive companions from the Ferrari warehouse. The competition from Lamborghini uses one in the Aventador. And Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW, Rolls-Royce and Pagani also use it. You probably already know what and who it's all about: the V12, the 12 cylinders in a V arrangement, or just the fine art of engine building.

Cars with V12 /W12 in our photo show

In Ferrari's V12 weapon, the cylinder banks are opposite each other at an angle of 65 degrees, and the unit has a capacity of almost 6.3 liters. Sometimes the 12 combustion chambers inhale the Super Plus mixture in front of the driver (F12 and GTC4 Lusso), sometimes in his back (LaFerrari). The performance gap spreads from 690 to 800 hp.

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Even at Aston Martin, they still swear by the V12. Stricter regulations for exhaust gases and consumption as well as the need for more punch have persuaded the traditional British company to launch a new development. In the new DB11 ( Driving report ) is a 5.2-liter V12, which spits out 608 hp and throws 700 Nm onto the crankshaft. Thanks to two turbochargers.

Mercedes also has a number of V12-fueled cars in stock. At Bentley, they are also into 12-cylinders. However, as a double V, or W12; be it in the SUV Bentayga, Continental GT or Flying Spur.

In our photo show we show you the cars with 12-cylinder engines available on the European market. If you are still interested in V10 engines - please go here for the exclusive power of ten ( Article ).


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