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Overview of all recalls from the last ten months

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Recalls of the last ten months
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D he recall of the Toyota RAV4 (built in 2005 -2009) took place at the beginning of the year. Up to now, drivers of this car may have been exposed to a risk, as deficiencies in the accelerator pedal detected late can lead to it jamming. Since a modified gas pedal has been installed in Europe for some time, the number of recalls in this country have been limited.

With the Land Rover Defender, it is the handbrake that you should not rely on when you are driving a vehicle from the year of construction 2007 or 2008 drive. Leaking oil on the felt seal of the rear drive shaft can impair its function. Because of this defect, Land Rover started a recall of 1,774 vehicles in Germany.

At Audi, the safety equipment could be a danger

At Audi, the recall in Germany affected around 8,000 Q5 owners . On models from the December 2008 to May 2009 production period, the A-pillar trim can come off when the head airbag is triggered. This would increase the risk of injury to the vehicle occupants in the front seats.

Nissan has already launched two recalls this year. Affected are the Navara and Pathfinder models, both of which may have a defect in the relay unit.

Volvo went one better with the recall of three models and demanded the owners of the XC60, XC70 and XC90 an unplanned workshop visit. If the ball stud is not tightened correctly, problems can arise when changing gears.


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