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Overview of all BMW models with emission standard Euro 6d-Temp

All BMW models with Euro 6d-Temp
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B MW has already converted a large part of its model range to Euro 6d-Temp. In March there is another offensive, which is mainly due to the facelift of the 7 Series. Within the luxury class series, only the plug-in hybrid 740e iPerformance has so far met the emissions standard. Now, with the 750i and 760Li, two petrol engines with V8 and V12 engines and three six-cylinder diesels with 730d, 740d and 750d receive the coveted classification.

New petrol and diesel with Euro 6d-Temp

But other model series are also doing something in terms of Euro 6d-Temp. The 3 Series Gran Turismo and the 4 Series as a two-door and Gran Coupé each receive two power levels of the three-liter six-cylinder diesel with the exhaust gas seal of approval. As an entry-level diesel, the xDrive20d complements the Euro 6d-Temp range with two liters of displacement, four cylinders and 140 kW in the X3 and X4. With its small SUVs, however, BMW is upping the ante in the gasoline sector: from March, the xDrive20i and xDrive25i versions of the X1 and X2 will be certified according to the emissions standard. At the same time, the 225i Active Tourer receives the two-liter gasoline engine with 170 kW, standardized according to Euro 6d-Temp.

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Euro 6d-Temp applies from September 2019 for all cars

Since September 1, 2018, Euro 6d-Temp has been mandatory for new type approvals. A year later, all newly registered cars will have to meet the new emissions standard. In terms of the required test bench emissions, this does not differ from the previously applicable Euro 6b and 6c regulations. However, the cars now also have to prove that they have their emissions behavior under control on the road. As part of Euro 6d-Temp, they are allowed to emit 2.1 times the nitrogen oxide test bench value on the road. As soon as Euro 6d is mandatory for all new registrations at the beginning of 2021, the conversion factor will only be 1.5.

Car buyers should by no means ignore the emissions standard. Especially those who are considering a diesel. Courts are ordering driving bans for diesel engines in more and more cities, from which one should be immune for many years with a Euro 6d Temp car. In addition, a modern emissions standard classification has a positive effect on the value of the car. It also helps the environment. Probably even more than using a gasoline engine, which has disadvantages in terms of fuel consumption and therefore inevitably also in terms of CO2 emissions.


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