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Overview of all Audi models with Euro 6d-Temp

All Audi models with Euro 6d-Temp
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Z at the beginning of the year, Audi only made selective improvements in terms of Euro 6d-Temp, primarily with gasoline engines. At that time, the Otto newcomers, which are now certified according to the clean emissions standard, extended across almost all model series. A few examples: The 25 TFSI with 70 kW added to the Euro 6d-Temp list for the A1 Sportback, the 40 TFSI with 140 kW was added to the A3, the A4 and A5 received the 180 kW 45 TFSI with 180 kW and for the A6, A7 and A8, the 55 TFSI V6 petrol engine with 250 kW has been allowed to be considered clean since then.


No diesel driving ban to fear

Euro 6d-Temp is only from September 1, 2019 required for all newly registered cars. Models with this emission standard may be re-registered for the last time on December 31, 2020. From January 1st, 2021 Euro 6d will apply.

With models according to Euro 6d-Temp, car buyers - especially with the diesel models - do not have to fear any restrictions on possible driving bans in German cities. The low consumption and lower CO2 emissions compared to gasoline-powered vehicles speak in particular for the purchase of compression-ignition engines. The latest emissions standard is also important for later sales.


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