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Overview: Electric cars with short delivery times

Anyone who needs an electric car at short notice currently has little chance with most manufacturers. From 2023, however, the federal government will reduce the premium. In order to collect the full amount, the delivery time must be short enough. Here you can find out which cars this is currently the case for.

In view of the still high petrol prices and the attractive subsidies, right now would actually be the ideal time to buy an electric car. Why actually? Because the vast majority of e-car manufacturers are currently doing almost nothing in the short term. According to the vehicle brokerage platform "carwow", waiting times of ten to 15 months are more the rule than the exception. You can almost count yourself lucky if you "only" have to wait nine months for your Ford Mustang Mach-E or twelve months for a VW ID.3. The delivery situation for the electric bestseller Fiat 500 has eased: The small car can be delivered within five months. Customers are currently waiting the longest for an Audi Q4 E-Tron: According to carwow.de, the compact SUV based on Volkswagen's modular electric system has a delivery time of 20 months.

Because the order books are full, production capacities are limited and many supply chains have collapsed due to a lack of chips and the Ukraine war, delivery times are getting longer and the time until the end of full funding is running out. So if you really want a very specific model, you need a lot of patience when in doubt - and if you want the full amount of funding from the state, you don't have time. From 2023, the subsidy for e-cars (net list price below 40,000 euros) will drop from 6,000 to 4,500 euros. For the more expensive models (up to 60,000 euros net list price), the sum drops from 5,000 to 3,000 euros. You can read everything about the changes to the funding guidelines HERE . In this article we tell you which electric cars you could get this year.

Renault will still deliver this year

As auto-motor-und-sport found out when asked by Renault, the French manufacturer will deliver three models this year: Who now has a Mégane E-Tech , Kangoo Rapid E-Tech or Dacia Spring ordered, can expect delivery this year. This is particularly interesting because the full amount of funding is available for these models. Other models with similarly short delivery times are significantly more expensive.

Jaguar i-Pace: 3-5 months delivery time

, Because of the starting price of at least 76,815 euros, the I-Pace is funded with a maximum of 7,500 euros by the federal government and the manufacturer. The delivery time for the electric SUV is currently three to five months . A few retailers also already have pre-configured models in their yards, which are immediately available. Current offers with savings of up to 16,346 euros for the Jaguar I-Pace directly from Carwow.de view

Tesla Model Y: 3-6 months delivery time

, The e-car with the second shortest delivery time is the Tesla Model Y. Here you wait between three and six months , which means that things can get tight by the end of the year. However, the delivery times that Tesla specifies in the configurator can change significantly in reality. Most recently there were problems ramping up production of the Model Y in the new Gigafactory in Brandenburg . Real catch on the Tesla compact SUV: Because the net price of both available versions is well over 40,000 euros , there is only 7,500 euros instead of the maximum 9,000 euros subsidy. View current offers with savings of up to 7,975 euros for the Tesla Model Y directly at Carwow.de

Mercedes EQS: 4-6 months delivery time

, The third model in this list also comes from the high-priced segment. The Mercedes electric flagship EQS boasts state-of-the-art technology, a long range and an expressive design. If you order one, you are currently waiting between four and six months . One thing is clear: Here, too, "only" 7,500 euros in bonus can be dusted off. That pushes the stately purchase price down to a smooth 100,000 euros. View current offers with savings of up to 6,391 euros for the Mercedes EQS directly at Carwow.de

DS3 Crossback E-Tense: 5-6 months delivery time

, According to carwow , whoever orders a DS3 Crossback E-Tense waits only slightly longer. The compact electric crossover from the Citroën subsidiary is five to six months coming, but with a basic price of 39,440 euros it is fully eligible for 9,000 euros. To make sure it lasts until the end of 2022, you should hurry with the order and a little bit of luck shouldn't hurt either. View current offers with savings of up to 14,786 euros for the DS3 Crossback E-Tense directly at Carwow.de

Basically, the situation with the availability of electric cars is currently extremely dynamic. Vehicles that are still available at short notice today are already subject to an order freeze tomorrow. Anyone who is really flexible and spontaneous should therefore also pay attention to preconfigured vehicles. Offers for immediately available new vehicles and also young used vehicles are sometimes available directly from the manufacturers or on comparison platforms such as Carwow.de


Buy or lease an electric car quickly? In the current situation, this is like a lottery. Only those who are really flexible and have not committed themselves to a very specific model will now get a chance at short notice.


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