Ötztal Moped Marathon 2018

Ötztaler Moped Marathon 2018
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The weekend from June 22nd to 23rd, 2018 seems to be all about the fuff (50s ) to stand: The 4th Stuttgart moped race takes place in the Krummbachtal and the 18th Ötztal moped marathon in the Alps. There will be around 1,000 participants in southern Germany on the staked meadow course. The Ötztal Moped Marathon alone has 1,500 registered drivers!

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Ötztaler Moped Marathon 2018 Alpine spectacle from June 22nd to 23rd
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Our colleague Torsten Seibt also drives the 2018 with his Jawa Ötztal Moped Marathon with.

There are four alpine passes, 5,500 meters in altitude, 238 kilometers and 4 climate zones to be mastered with a 50 cm³ vehicle. True to the motto: 'Those who drive slowly have more fun', the event is not designed for speed at all. Just like in Stuttgart, the participants, spectators and organizers of the ÖMM 2018 are interested in a fun event for everyone involved. mopedmarathon.at


Our colleague Torsten Seibt runs with his Jawa again with. You can read his report from last year here, see below.

Review of the Ötztaler Moped Marathon 2017:

Changed the sprocket on my racing car? Check! Did you change the oil? Check! The neighbor in the garage comes by with a cold beer and grilled sausage? Check! Preparation is everything! But what about my flat rear tire? Then it stays a little flat. Bratwurst comes first. And there is still one day left before the departure for the Ötztal Moped Marathon. Together with a couple of behaviorally original buddies, for whom the process of growing up didn't really work out, I already took part in the ÖMM last year. Now, for the second time, the cackling excitement from back then has given way to an almost routine Zen calm. Our team of three women, four men and a young co-pilot will be in deep relaxation on the eve of the ÖMM in Sölden, Austria.


Peace, loud, colorful, crazy

Behind us different travel long distances before! Imperial weather forecast for us, rock-hard 50 cubic devices among us: Honda Monkey, Zoomer, Dax and derivatives, a patinated Simson Schwalbe and my red Jawa Pionyr fidget in the direction of registration. All around us? All mad! And that's exactly why we're here: A Star Wars Stormtrooper group with Darth Vader at the helm smokes past Simsons, in front of us a two-meter Patrick starfish rises pink into the blue sky, and the Swiss from last year are back in a tartan skirt on site - along with an impressive plush fabric. Sounds like Mardi Gras, it is a little too. But it is one thing above all: different. Peaceful, loud, colorful, crazy - and somehow unreal.

Premiere in 2013

Like so many great ideas, the Ötztal Moped Marathon was born out of a whimsical bet. Manuel Ribis, hotelier from Obergurgl, wanted to prove to the organizers of the Ötztal Cycle Marathon that one could do their 238-kilometer route over four passes and 5,500 meters in altitude50 cubic device can ride. It was about a case of beer. Manuel has gained, also in experience. The small group of Tyrolean lads who, quite unsuspectingly, saddled the dwarf two-stroke engine at the premiere in 2013, has now become an international mammoth event. The Ötztal Moped Club, which was quickly founded with six members, grew to over 1,600 members this year, solely through word of mouth and social media activities. Because the ÖMM is wisely not a competition. But a club outing, for which moped freaks registered for a limited period of one year as members this June 1513 - and by the way made organizer Manuel Ribis president of a fairly large moped club.

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Program, regulations and process are manageable

50 cubic meters, two wheels, one track, that's the technical specification. At the start it is monitored by the so-called “Prüff”, a sophisticated acceptance station. On the Friday before the actual event, the “riders”, blessed with particularly hard iron asses, start their first storm on the Rettenbachferner. It goes up to 2,800 meters so that the mopeds can prepare for the impending torment. And on Saturday morning, at six o'clock, the real moped marathon begins.

Climatic health resort works differently

What It means when one and a half thousand mopeds, including quite a few very old two-stroke engines, are ignited in a narrow basin, is a bit difficult to describe. Let's put it this way: climatic health resort is different. The starting field is sent out in groups of 300, local police and fire brigade help, but the other traffic in the Ötztal is still close to zero at this time. At single-digit peg temperatures, the moped lindworm rolls downhill to the north, deceptive kilometers that can be surfed so easily, carefree and occasionally not entirely in compliance with the StVO.

The kilometer-long downhill drives shouldn't be underestimated, especially not for the two-stroke engines. Some drive with the engine switched off - and say a prayer to the god of the drum brake beforehand.

Countless thumbs up along the route, the locals celebrate the ÖMM participants themselves at this inhospitable time, standing in large groups on the edge of the route. And for the drivers the first blow in the neck is approaching:About an hour's drive after the start, roundabout in Ötz, entry into the pass road up into Kühtai. The steepest part with an 18 percent gradient - the first to push. Others just stay in the saddle at full throttle in first gear, while a few sneaky sawing Kreidler Florett and Simson Schwalben whistle past at the speed of an express train. 'If you can't make it to Kühtai, you can go home straight away,' said Manuel Ribis in an interview. But somehow almost everyone makes it up to 2,020 meters. Up there at the checkpoint it becomes clear why the Ötztal moped marathon can only work in this area. Anyone who can cope with thousands and thousands of party-loving ski vacationers in winter will also cope with an oversized pack of moped drivers with a chimpanzee and SpongeBob on top. Huge parking lot, huge remnants, the inns run at full capacity and all around only happy, enthusiastic faces. At the latest then it caught you for the first time, the ÖMM spirit.

A feast for the senses

Down the mountain towards Innsbruck empathy is required again. The drum brakes of the racing cars are usually as small as the cylinders, and tens of kilometers of pushing operation have never been so compatible with two-stroke engines. The four-stroke drivers sail past with their heads held high, braking the engine. At the burner then the 'refreshment station', already on the Italian side. There are hot sausages and drinks, the atmosphere is similar to a folk festival, only without beer. There is a strict alcohol ban, the Austrian police will check that later. I was looking forward to the next part the most. Swing down into the scorching hot Sterzing and hit a hook, through shady forests up to the grassy ridges on the Jaufenpass. In second, maximum third gear, with maybe 35 km /h on the clock. A feast for the senses. The fact that I haven't felt my butt since Matrei is another issue. Maybe a good thing, the mogul slope downhill to St. Leonhard is definitely the most uncomfortable section.


the final party may

And then waving it on the horizon, the Timmelsjoch. From the Passeiertal up it’s a final show of strength for the 0.05 liter grenades. The transition awaits at a frosty-fresh 2,500 meters. And once again the racing beast fights far beyond the rated speed in the first - the nastiest section comes at the end. Images of a 50 cubic piston hissing into the stratosphere with a clap of thunder dance in the back of my head. Up the Timmelsjoch you have a lot of time to think on a Jawa Pionyr. But the machine holds. And at the top of the pass, an elderly man, apparently a day tourist, suddenly turns completely free.Incomprehension on my part until he explains to me in English that he comes from the Czech Republic, that he himself owned a Jawa Pionyr in the past and that it is a mediocre sensation to experience here and now, of all places, how such a thinly motorized something struggles up here. In the end we are almost in each other's arms. The final party can come.

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