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Original quotes from car insurance customers

auto motor und sport presents 20 original customer quotes from letters exchanged between motor vehicle insurance customers and their insurer.

At parties or other gatherings, the question quickly arises: "And what do you do?". If you come out as an insurance broker specializing in motor vehicle insurance, you often collect expressions of condolence in particular. Anyone who deals professionally with accidents and damage reports really does need a thick skin. As in many other jobs where you come into contact with strangers, there are days in the life of a car insurance broker that you like to look back on - and to exchange letters.,

auto motor und sport has joined a asked around a few insurers and collected 20 memorable customer quotes. Very important: what seems funny or even disturbing at first glance is usually not meant to be funny at all. Not every insurance customer is a writer or comedian by profession. It can easily happen that a wording goes wrong. Experience has shown that insurers are very tough. It's funny nonetheless. And now we hope you enjoy clicking through our top 20 quotes in our picture gallery.,


Conversations or correspondence between insurance customers and their broker do not always have to be dull and boring. Some customers have a talent for comedy, perhaps just unconsciously. Fortunately, most insurers are tough!


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