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Orangework Expedition Mobile: Travel the extreme way

Orangework Expeditionsmobile
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D he Cologne company Orangework has specialized in the expansion and reconstruction of premises -Trucks specializing in self-sufficient residential castles for long journeys. We took a close look at three of the big bums, the most spectacular of which is certainly the MAN KAT.

The KAT, with its military roots, has a reputation in the off-road scene like Donnerhall. And rightly so: there are up to four driven axles and they are suspended from coil springs - completely atypical for trucks. This makes the KAT not only remarkably flexible, but also extremely comfortable when driving off-road. And as good as unstoppable - there is probably no wheeled vehicle with similar assertiveness in the toughest terrain. The low silhouette is achieved by the engine behind the driver's cab - in the case of the Orangework-KAT, an eight-cylinder Deutz with 12.7 liters of displacement and 360 hp.

to accommodate an additional bedchamber above the cab. At the same time, this creates a relatively smooth transition to the huge trunk.

Crass, crass, MAN KAT

Orangework has completely converted the 6x6 three-axle vehicle into a rolling hotel. Four beds, kitchen, bathroom and living room are realized here in a tasteful design. Porcelain toilet, underfloor heating in the bathroom, flooring made of walnut wood - in some German condominiums things are more spartan. Execution. Thanks to all-wheel drive and modern large-scale production technology, the medium-duty series from MAN is not only popular in the municipal and construction sectors; mobile home builders are also increasingly discovering the all-rounder, which is available with various cabs and engines up to 340 hp MAN TGM

The GRP sandwich construction case is equipped with a hatch into the one-and-a-half cabin driver's cab. Contact with the chassis is provided by an additional four-point bearing that compensates for the twisting of the frame when driving off-road. The travelers do not have to do without comfort in this 290 hp land yacht with a total length of 8.3 meters. Dishwasher and washing machine bring the desired luxury in Timbuktu too. The TGM is also self-sufficient: it can carry 600 liters of fresh water, and the waste water and waste-holding tank each hold 150 liters. ThePower supply is ensured by an 840 W solar system and if there is no sunshine, a 6 kW generator takes over this job. Hot water is provided by a diesel heater, and floor and towel heating is also installed in the bathroom.

The cozy ambience is ensured by the comfortable rubber floor and an electrically height-adjustable dining table made of solid oak. Almost like at home: there are separate bunk beds for the children, while the parents find a double bed and wardrobe in the rear.

It works too smaller: in the Unimog

The U 1300L Unimog naturally doesn't have that much space, after all, it is over two meters shorter than the TGM. Nevertheless, its crew does not have to starve either. Much expensive luxury from the two large mobiles is missing here, but the removal of the box is anything but uncomfortable. Here, too, a solar system (260 watts) ensures that electricity can be refilled free of charge while the vehicle is idle. A combined diesel parking heater takes care of the heating and hot water. The cork floor creates a pleasant living environment, and maple wood is used alongside laminate panels.

The completely different expansion concepts of the three orangework trucks show how individual the scene is overall. With every expansion of expedition vehicles, the customer decides - as with building a house - what he wants to afford. There are no upper limits in this segment, you can easily spend half a million euros on such a highly all-terrain holiday home. That is not for everyone - but it is well known that dreaming does not cost anything. In our photo gallery we show you the three individualists in detail.


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