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Opinion: Pro & amp; Contra SUV: A & # 34; large & # 34; like invention?

Opinion: Pros and Cons of SUVs
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Jörn Thomas likes carving four-wheel elephants

O kay, I'm not really proud of it. Just as little as watching 'Miami Vice' for years and eating pigs regularly, even though they are so smart. But: Big things are sometimes just great. So the SUV with all-wheel drive. That's right, nobody needs them to survive, but at the latest the return trip from the snowiest snow history we have ever experienced convinced me. Just romping around on the mirror-smooth, flaky course was great fun.

When this long-legged light truck pushes angrily, can be hired without having to queue for long and dusts off across the long corner like bullets. A little brains and /or electronic help are of course part of it, because if a wild all-wheel-drive elephant busts out, it cuts a swath to Lapland. And now let's be factual: Under such admittedly rare heavy snow conditions, it is a pleasure to sit elevated and to be carried through the white desert by a 740 Newton meter diesel with your buttocks and hands heated.

The truck has traction anyway, its leaden weight and the view from the first floor create a feeling of security. Where others poke through the white fog, you navigate with foresight with a long view. Changing lanes, a ticklish affair with a light car on a practically groomed track, run with dry palms. Even driving fun is included, the tricky power distribution is devoted to wide swings when speed carving on the country road.

Well, dear Jens, and if the big balls also contribute to the survival of feather-light dynamic gems, all the better. And now it's time for lunch.

Jens Dralle likes SUVs - as long as he doesn't have to drive them

Yes, Jörn is right, absolutely, unreservedly - SUVs are among the greatest inventions in automotive history. Why? By diligently buying them, they enable manufacturers to build decent cars on the side. And: because they have been bought for years by a society that obsessively discusses every tenth of a liter of additional consumption, we finally know: We are fine. By the way: The index cw x A, an important criterion for fuel consumption, is 0.88 for the BMW X5 xDrive 35i and 0.71 for a 535i Touring xDrive.

So stop complaining. Apart from that: a feeling of securityI don't need a high seating position alone. Safety through a properly designed chassis is enough for me. And all-wheel drive? Well, that in our snow history, of all things, the Porsche Cayman would rummage through so bravely, was not necessarily foreseeable. However, it shows that if weight distribution, chassis construction and tires fit together, nobody has to fear winter road conditions.

Of course, an all-wheel drive vehicle can get on. If I had the choice, I would choose one too, probably a station wagon. Then I would still have - to stick with the really random BMW example - a weight advantage of 164 kilograms. Together with the lower center of gravity, this means a considerable increase in driving pleasure. And every day, not just during the winter apocalypse. Jörn, you can enjoy the SUV. With this you guarantee me my fun - and, because everyone wants an SUV, the more individual form of driving on top of that.


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