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Operating costs check for used cars: the invoice will come later

Operating costs check for used vehicles
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G Inexpensive used cars encourage car fans to act rashly. And already there is an old luxury sedan for the price of a small car in the garage. It often doesn't take long before the nasty surprise follows. Gladly in the form of the vehicle tax assessment, the insurance bill or when refueling.

The purchase price is not everything. It depends on the maintenance costs, whether the used car is really a bargain. You are definitely on the safe side if you choose a car from the photo show we have put together. There you will find the five models with the cheapest maintenance costs in nine classes.

Petrol engines are becoming more and more economical

The depreciation does not play a role in the calculation. This naturally makes up the largest item in new cars. However, it shrinks with age. This also explains why diesel models can often be found in the top positions in the individual categories: Since it is only the running costs that matter, the diesel engines have it easier to overtake the mostly thirstier sister models due to lower consumption and lower fuel costs. When making this comparison, however, it must be taken into account that the study relates to used vehicles that are three to four years old. There are now more and more economical petrol engines on the market that make it more difficult for diesels to drive cheaper on balance.

Cars with natural or LPG drives were not considered. Although they shine with low maintenance costs, they are rather rare as used ones. However, if you find a suitable copy, you will usually drive it cheaply. Insurance costs are an important part of the calculation. There is often additional savings potential here if you choose the mostly cheaper partial insurance instead of the full insurance. The calculation examples assume a contribution rate of 50 percent. But be careful: Anyone who has been accident-free for a long time and has a high no-claims discount should check carefully whether they really save when switching from fully to partially comprehensive insurance. After all, the contribution for the latter is not reduced by an accident-free driving style. Who knows, given the facts, it might be an old luxury sedan after all.


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