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Opel Zafira purchase advice: The best equipment for the Opel van

Achim Hartmann
Opel Zafira purchase advice
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It was not the first van with the Opel Blitz in the radiator grille, but it was remembered by the less successful O pel Sintra hardly anyone remembers today. In contrast, with the Opel Zafira, introduced in 1999, Opel hit the bull's eye, one of the founders of the compact van class and, with its variable and spacious interior, has been popular with families since then.

Flex7 concept in the Opel Zafira impresses

The current Opel Zafira generation on the market that has increased in size and comfort, but retains the original basic concept with fixed, but five variable rear seats. The concept called Flex7 is still convincing in practice with its simple operation. It includes a sliding rear bench in the rear and - as standard in all variants - two additional individual seats in the luggage compartment, which disappear flat in the loading floor when they are not needed. As a five-seater, family-friendly 645 liters of storage space are available up to the edge of the window. The back of the bench in the Zafira is divided in a 40: 20: 40 ratio, the narrower middle section serves as an armrest with integrated cup holders or as a through-loading, as required.

Opel Zafira OPC is the most powerful compact van on the German market

For maximum load capacity in the Opel Zafira (1,820 liters), the rear seat slides into the foremost position with the seat folded up. Another special feature of the Zafira is extreme wide range of engines, which does not exclude alternative fuels. In addition to numerous diesel and gasoline versions, Opel also supplies the Opel Zafira ex works with natural gas and, more recently, with car (liquefied) gas, which are of particular interest to cost-conscious frequent drivers. The top performance is the sporty Opel Zafira OPC - with 240 turbo hp the most powerful compact van on the German market.

37 possible combinations for the Opel Zafira

The 231 km /h Opel Zafira OPC also marks the upper limit in terms of price at 35,670 euros. At the other, cheaper end of the OpelZafira range ranks the 115 hp 1.6-liter gasoline engine in the Selection basic version for 20,295 euros. In between there are ten other engine variants for the Opel van and with 'Edition 111 Years', 'Innovation' and 'Sport' three additional equipment lines that add up to a total of 37 possible combinations - the three optional versions with automatic converter (2.2 Direct and 1.9 CDTi) or automated gearbox (1.8) not included.

When the numerous extras come into play, it will be anything but easy to filter out the right Opel Zafira for your personal needs. You can read which combinations are recommended in this buying guide.


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