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Opel Zafira emission test: emission values ​​according to TÜV in compliance with the law

Opel Zafira emissions test
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D The Opel Zafira was then tested with a 1.6-liter diesel engine in the presence of TÜV Hessen on a four-roller test bench and the model's legally compliant emissions were confirmed. The full report of the TÜV will be submitted at a later date.

On Friday (23.10.205), Deutsche Umwelthilfe had the result of an exhaust gas measurement on an Opel Zafira 1.6 CDTi at the exhaust test center of the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland published. This Opel, which is classified according to the Euro 6 standard, is said to have exhibited up to 17 times higher nitrogen oxide emissions in certain driving situations during the test on the four-roller test bench.

'In the official test cycle (NEDC) with rotating rear wheels, the tested Opel Zafira emitted two to four times more NOx than allowed in three tests. In three further tests under 'normal' test bench conditions and thus not rotating rear wheels, on the other hand, if the NOx values ​​were below the prescribed limit value of 80 mg /km, ”said the DUH in a report.

The result of the Swiss authorities is:' The measurements carried out show the following tendency: The NOx- Emissions in the NEDC depend on the test bench mode 2WD /4WD. In 2-wheel drive mode, the vehicle met the NOx regulations. At low speeds, the NOx emissions are not always identical and are likely to depend on the activity or storage effect of the SCR system. The behavior of the SCR system seems to be dependent on the test stand mode, since the NOx progressions are different in both test stand operating modes. '

In the course of this publication, the German Environmental Aid asked the Federal Motor Transport Authority to review the Vehicle type and announced further tests with diesel cars. With the result of the TÜV Hessen, however, Opel sees itself confirmed in its 'position and again sharply rejects the claims of the German environmental aid. The allegations are clearly false and unfounded.

The following applies to all of our cars as before and without restriction: software developed by GM has no features that determine whether the vehicle is being subjected to an emissions test. '


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