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Opel Vivaro Surf Concept at the IAA: fun mobile based on a bus

Stefan Baldauf /Guido ten Brink
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D he Opel Vivaro Surf Concept is based on the Large-capacity van with a double cabin that offers space for five to six passengers depending on the seating. The passengers in the second row have access via sliding doors on both sides of the vehicle. Behind the two rows of seats, it offers a closed load compartment that can hold up to 3,200 liters - and with a long wheelbase even up to 4,000 liters of luggage.

Opel Vivaro Surf Concept with leather upholstery and air suspension

The Opel Vivaro Surf Concept underlines its appearance as a recreational vehicle with a two-tone design, which is created by a special paintwork plus additional foiling, as well as special alloy wheels. A rail system with lashing eyes secures the cargo space, which is up to 1.95 meters long, for safe cargo transport. A roof rack system takes care of this on the roof.

In the passenger compartment, the tourer package ensures black leather surfaces with silver contrasting stitching on almost all components. There is also a leather steering wheel and a leather gear knob. Automatic air conditioning and optional auxiliary heating ensure comfort. The multimedia networking is the responsibility of an infotainment system with online connection. In addition, the Opel Vivaro Surf is equipped with numerous safety and assistance systems.

A 1.6-liter biturbodiesel with 140 hp and 340 Nm takes care of the sporty drive. This means that the Vivaro can travel at speeds of up to 180 km /h. Air suspension on the rear axle ensures suspension comfort, while at the same time it can lower the vehicle height by around seven centimeters to 1.90 meters in conjunction with shortened springs.

The Opel Vivaro Surf Concept is still a study at the IAA - According to Opel, it could soon go into series production as a 'Limited Edition'.


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