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Opel State Aid: Government is examining Plan B in the Opel case

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For Thursday (June 10th) Merkel has the heads of government of the four federal states with Opel Locations - Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Thuringia and North Rhine-Westphalia - invited to a top meeting in Berlin. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Economics in Rhineland-Palatinate on Wednesday.

On Wednesday (June 9th), Economics Minister Rainer Brüderle (FDP) was expected to reject help for Opel from the Germany Fund.

Loans for Opel from the EIB are possible

According to information from the dpa news agency, the Chancellery and the federal states are feverishly looking for alternatives on how the automaker can still be helped. Possible help from the European Investment Bank (EIB) is under discussion, it was said in coalition circles.

But here too the state would have to guarantee. In addition, Opel could only use EIB aid to a limited extent because it is subject to conditions. The company would first have to make advance payments with its own money. Later on, EIB funds could be earmarked for specific development projects such as electric cars.

In the one and a half year Opel drama, speculation had already emerged at the end of 2008 that the European Investment Bank would be used. Back then it was said that Opel could get a low-interest billion-euro loan for the development of fuel-efficient vehicles.


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