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Opel shell contract - no terminations, new models: no terminations until 2015

Opel shell contract - no terminations, new models
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The contract that the' Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 'reported on Wednesday (July 28) and that of the news agency dpa is available, also contains previously unpublished information on the future line-up of the four German plants in Rüsselsheim, Kaiserslautern, Bochum and Eisenach.

No further job cuts until 2025

According to current information, at the Rüsselsheim headquarters 485 jobs cut, 300 in Kaiserslautern. As announced, the biggest cuts threaten in Bochum: Thu rt 1,488 jobs are to be cut as well as 350 jobs for employees at suppliers who have the right to return to Opel. The smallest site in Eisenach is to be completely spared from the downsizing.

In the shell contract it says: 'After the implementation of these staff reductions, Adam Opel GmbH will not announce any operational dismissals until January 1st, 2015.' General Works Council Chairman Klaus Franz praised: 'This contract is a very balanced compromise and an absolutely positive step that brings security for the employees.'

Five new Opel models

The Opel management To Nick Reilly undertakes to introduce five new products in the next few years: A convertible, a revised version of the Insignia sedan as early as 2015 instead of 2016, a new small car (Opel Junior), a vehicle with a small engine (SGE /Small Gas Engine) and a Successor to the Combo panel van.

Eisenach is named in the nine-page paper as a 'potential location for the production of the new Opel Junior'. Kaiserslautern is to be expanded 'into a competence center for press and component production'. In Bochum, among other things, the new van for Opel /Vauxhall will be built 'exclusively' from 2011. Rüsselsheim remains an important location for Astra production and, with its development center, is to support the US parent company General Motors (GM).

An Opel spokesman said: 'The main features of this contract were already agreed in the framework agreement at the end of May . ' At that time, the management reached an agreement on a Europe-wide austerity package with the works council and trade unions after tough negotiations. The employees agreed to contribute to the rescue of their company with billions in victims - among other things by foregoing a one-off payment and parts of the holiday and Christmas bonus.

However, in order for the agreement to be valid, the parties must agree by 1.September agreed on three points: on the question of profit sharing for employees, on the subject of the collective agreement for the development center in Rüsselsheim and on how the money saved by the employees should be kept. It is agreed that in Europe by 2014 wages and personnel costs will be saved annually 265 million euros, of which 176.8 million euros in Germany. These funds are to be kept in an escrow account and can be returned to employees with interest if the automaker does not implement planned projects. The exact construction of this trustee solution is still open.


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