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Opel renovation: Opel wants 1.5 billion euros in government aid

Opel renovation
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Overall, the US parent General Motors (GM) intends to use O pel locations around 2.7 Collect billions of euros.

Opel wants many new models and more electric cars

At the presentation of the restructuring plan, said Opel boss Nick Reilly, the carmaker will invest around 11 billion euros by 2014 to erne 80 percent of the product portfolio utter. In addition to the previously announced Ampera other electric vehicles. This provides for the restructuring concept presented on Tuesday by Opel boss Nick Reilly. In addition to the Ampera, there will be an electric vehicle with an extended range and purely battery-powered electric cars in smaller vehicle classes, said Reilly: 'Today's announcement marks the beginning of a new era.' The Ampera is a hybrid vehicle with an electric drive and an internal combustion engine to charge the battery.

8,300 jobs are to be cut, more than 3,900 of them in Germany

The company plans to cut 8,300 of the 48,000 jobs in Europe and cut capacity by 20 percent. In Germany, Opel wants to cut more than 3,900 jobs. Of these, 1,799 are in Bochum, where the new Zafira is to be built exclusively in the future, as the company announced on Tuesday. In production in Rüsselsheim, where all Insignia variants are exclusively built, 862 jobs are lost. 300 jobs will be lost in Eisenach. 300 positions are also to be cut in the Kaiserslautern engine plant.

In addition, around 650 positions in administration in Germany will be cut, which is likely to affect Rüsselsheim in particular. However, the plan has not yet been coordinated with the employees, who are supposed to make a restructuring contribution.

Opel employees should make savings

In addition to state aid, management is demanding a restructuring contribution of 265 million euros annually from the employees in the years 2010 to 2014. Works councils and trade unions are currently rejecting this because they do not want to support the end of the Belgian site in Antwerp and GM has not yet offered them any security for their contributions

The works councils also oppose the closure of the transmission plants in Kaiserslautern and Rüsselsheim. Negotiations stall.

Koch calls on GM to increase its own contribution

The own contribution planned by General Motors (GM) in the restructuring of the car manufacturer Opel is not enough in the opinion of the Hessian Prime Minister Roland Koch (CDU). 'According to our first assessment, it will be necessary that GM, as the owner, significantly increases its participation in the restructuring and repositioning,' said Koch in a statement from the state chancellery on Tuesday. 'When examining the application for state aid, the careful handling of taxpayers' money and the interests of the employees will be the focus,' explained Koch Opel announced. The state will examine Adam Opel GmbH's application for a guarantee 'very constructively, very carefully but also as quickly as possible,' said Thoben on Tuesday. The Opel location in Bochum has all the prerequisites for a good future. 'We will support this process as far as we can,' said the CDU politician.

The EU Commission also wants to examine the state aid requested. Federal Minister of Economics Rainer Brüderle (FDP) said on Tuesday. In December, the EU economics ministers agreed on a preliminary examination by the Brussels competition authorities in order to avoid a subsidy race among the affected Opel countries.

Greens against federal guarantee for Opel

The Greens have refused a federal guarantee for the Opel renovation. 'An Opel grant from the federal government is wrong,' said the vice-head of the Green parliamentary group, Fritz Kuhn, on Tuesday. The federal government should rather support the ecological modernization of the entire auto industry. It looks different in the federal states with Opel locations
: 'Whether there should be state subsidies depends on an overall concept of the federal states,' said Kuhn.

Die Linke demanded a tougher approach by the federal government General Motors Management. It is not negotiable if the massive dismissal of taxpayers is subsidized with tax money, said Vice-Party Leader Klaus Ernst. A possible guarantee must be combined with job security at Opel. 'GM must not receive euro state aid for Opel until the company has ruled out layoffs and wage cuts.'


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