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Opel renovation: negotiations stall again

Opel renovation
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'At the moment we are not conducting any negotiations. In some points there is no real progress,' said the General Works Council Chairman Klaus Franz on Tuesday (19.1. ) the dpa. The crux of the matter is the employee's demand for a stake in the new company.

The company did not want to comment on any substantive issues. 'We rely on the fact that all topics can be solved in dialogue,' said a Opel spokesman. 'We have not reported any changes to the planned schedule (for submitting the concept).'

Workforce wants collateral for restructuring contribution

The US parent company General Motors (GM) demands an annual restructuring contribution from the workforce of 265 million euros. In return, the employees demand, among other things, a company participation. But GM rejects that, emphasized Franz: 'If GM has ideological problems with it, we need other guarantees.' Admittedly, this point is not a dogma for the works council and IG Metall. Experience shows, however, that the contracts with GM cannot be trusted: 'We do not give blank checks. We cannot simply dispose of employee pennies without collateral.' It is up to GM to submit alternative proposals.

Reilly wants to submit his concept by the end of the month. Until then, GM has to come to an agreement with the workers. The negotiations include, among other things, wage cuts and a planned cut of up to 9,000 of the 48,000 jobs in Europe. The closure of the Antwerp plant is also still on the cards. The plan is intended to serve as a basis for negotiations on state aid. GM has put the requirement at 3.3 billion euros, the governments of the European Opel countries are expected to raise around 2.7 billion euros.

An open dispute broke out between Reilly and Franz last week. The head of Opel and GM in Europe attended the auto show in Detroit said that no agreement has yet been reached on any of the workers' demands. Franz, on the other hand, said that Reilly had already promised the employee equity participation and the conversion of Adam Opel GmbH into a stock corporation in writing: 'The promises are just beautiful arias. I've known the brothers for a long time.' Reilly is already a puppet behind closed doorsreferred to by GM.

GM wastes time and money

Auto expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer accused GM of wasting time and money: 'So far, neither the public Financing still there is an agreement on job cuts. ' The loss of time since the rejection to the interested party that the Austrian-Canadian auto supplier Magna had burned an additional 500 million euros at the beginning of November -Center Automotive Research at the University of Duisburg-Essen. With the outstanding restructuring and the expected drop in sales, 2010 will be a difficult year for Opel, after GM is already expecting billions in losses in Europe for 2009.


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