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Opel Meriva in the driving report - the alternative to the Rolls-Royce

Opel Meriva in the driving report
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Do you remember Dr. Brown? That was the one in the O pel -Advertising figure who was often strained and entrusted by the board with the seemingly impossible task of developing a new seating concept. The mysterious doctor, we have long known, has done his job with flying colors - the result is the rear seats of the Opel Zafira, which can be completely sunk into the floor of the car. Dr. Obviously there is still brown. He has withstood all adversities, the near bankruptcy of Opel as well as the tempting offer from the supplier Magna. He has remained loyal to Opel, as creative as ever.

Opel Meriva should stand out from the competition

The most recent task was to present a new type of door concept that was used by the Opel Zafira , the Opel Meriva , should be used. Something was needed that fundamentally differentiated the Opel from the numerous competitors in the compact van segment. After all, almost everyone has doors that open normally, even sliding doors no longer have an aha effect. They were eliminated from the Meriva relatively early on, because the advantage of good access in tight parking spaces is offset by disadvantages: sliding doors are comparatively expensive and the noise they make when opening and closing is very reminiscent of a commercial delivery van.

Suicide doors have a long history

The end of the story: The Opel Meriva was given counter-rotating portals. This is a well-known recipe in automotive history, which the Opel Kadett also demonstrated in the post-war period. But it was vetoed by the legislature as early as 1961. Doors hinged at the back, he thought he knew, can be torn open by the wind if they are not properly locked. Suicide doors - the Americans called those car strokes that also distinguished the mighty Lincoln Continental of the sixties, in which John F. Kennedy made his last drive in Dallas. In the meantime, the reverse opening portals for the rear are possible again, which is not least the noblest car company in the worldis to be owed.

All Opel Meriva passengers benefit from the doors

Rolls-Royce makes use of them and not only enables the British aristocratic society to board easily . We have already taken a seat in the Opel Meriva and we cannot avoid applauding the old, new idea. Especially since not only the passengers intended for the rear benefit, but also the driver and front passenger. Because the doors open at an unusually large angle of 84 degrees, which is also only a wafer-thin distance from the right angle from a visual point of view. The same applies to the reverse-opening rear doors, and since the seats, in keeping with the usual van concept, are a little higher than in a conventional limousine, you don't get in, you slide onto the seat without resistance.

New Opel Meriva with large windows

Not even a particularly good physical condition is necessary to make the whole thing look elegant. Older passengers will appreciate this entry-level luxury - but even more so will the mothers of small children, who can entrust the child seats to the Isofix attachment here much more effortlessly than with other cars. Passengers in the second row can also enjoy a second unique design. The kink in the beltline increases the window area considerably, and you can enjoy an unobstructed view that is no longer a matter of course in modern cars. This can even be improved by arranging the seats, which can be moved both lengthways and crossways, closer to the center console. This means that the back-sitters can look ahead at the traffic between the heads of the front row passengers. This can be very beneficial for people with a travel-sensitive stomach.

Good visibility also in front. Opel cleverly avoided the typical disadvantage of a huge dashboard landscape and a correspondingly huge windscreen. You can see this clearly in the side view: The Opel Meriva does not show the flowing transition from the bonnet to the windshield, but a clearly recognizable approach to the detached engine compartment. One of the new ideas is also the center console, on which a storage compartment can be moved as required to allow all occupants to participate - not revolutionary, but very practical. Thank you very much, Doctor Braun.


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