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Opel makes up statistics with many self-registrations

Many Opel registrations
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E Only recently, Opel reported that it had sold more cars in November than it had in five years: the new models and the image campaign (“Umparken im Kopf”) seem to be working. In the current year, Opel has sold 14,100 more cars. Is it running at Opel? Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, professor at the CAR Institute at the University of Duisburg-Essen is skeptical about the growth: 'Campaigns alone do not bring market success if the product and innovation substance is missing,' he says of the Handelsblatt.

High self-approval rate at Opel

His institute has found that Opel has the highest proportion of in-house registrations: 44.1 percent of new cars go to dealers, car rental companies or remain with the manufacturer. These cars must then be sold with daily registration or as young used cars with a corresponding discount. Opel argues with employee leasing and new models. Just behind Opel: Nissan (42 percent) and Renault (38 percent). For the rival Ford, the CAR Institute calculated 22.4 percent self-registrations.


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