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Opel job cuts: Opel employees despise severance pay

Opel job cuts
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J e Depending on the age and length of service as well as the income of the employees, the severance payments can be up to 250,000 euros. A 50-year-old with 24 years of professional experience and a monthly salary of 3,000 euros can expect a severance payment of around 100,000 euros.

Opel is threatened with forced transfer and dismissal

Opel had actually planned until the end of the year 650 jobs to be cut in Bochum. 'So far, only 170 people have signed up for the severance payment and signed the severance agreement,' said Einenkel. Some of them switch to transfer companies. In addition, there are 70 employees who work on trial in the better-utilized main plant in Rüsselsheim. There are vacancies there that they could switch to. In total, the GM subsidiary in Bochum wants to cut 1,800 of 4,800 jobs.

Against this background, the tone in the company is getting rougher, writes the paper. 'We were threatened with forcible transfers of employees from Bochum to Rüsselsheim. And, as a last step, even redundancies for operational reasons would be possible,' said Einenkel. The Bochum works council chief, on the other hand, is relying on a solution with working time reductions with partial wage cuts.

Opel is currently fighting In total, the carmaker, which together with its British sister company Vauxhall incurred a loss of 637 million dollars in the first half of the year, plans to cut around 8,000 jobs across Europe, less than half of them in Germany.


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