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Opel Insignia Sports Tourer OPC (2010) in the test

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Opel Insignia OPC (2010) tested
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The coolest car presentation last year was that of the O pel Insignia OPC sedan. It was in a dim box at the Nürburgring. Outside the Green Hell was going on, inside chocolate bars were served to Spezi. And instead of the marketing boom that you often hear at such events, ex-DTM driver Manuel Reuter simply told us what a hunt it was to hit the Nordschleife with the OPC.

Sports station wagon with 325 PS

Now the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer, which could still take 1.5 cubic meters of bulky goods with it. Powerful station wagons have been a tradition at Opel since the 204 hp Opel Omega Caravan 24V. A good 20 years later, a turbocharger pressurizes the 2.8-liter V6 of the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer OPC with 0.9 bar, puffing it up to 325 hp and 435 Nm. With a shorter axle drive and the appropriately graded, but somewhat clumsy, six-speed gearbox, it achieves more energetic than brutal performance, which in the case of the sprint from zero to 100 km /h is a bearable half a second behind the factory specification. Just a little hesitation, then the engine roars off homogeneously, pulls hard, revs up to 6,500 rpm if it has to.

OPC mode for more agile driving characteristics

Among the abundance of Buttons on the center console are for the OPC mode. In it, the V6 reacts more sharply to the gas, steering and dampers tighten. What remains of the otherwise good suspension comfort is no longer enough for the motorway. The tight coordination is perfect for committed country road tours, and the all-wheel drive with electrohydraulically controlled multi-plate clutch and rear-biased power distribution ensure perfect traction, and the Brembo brakes ensure effective deceleration. But the effort to achieve a decidedly agile handling stands in the way - even in OPC mode - the servo-defying and low-feedback steering.

Opel Insignia Sports Tourer OPC pretends to be a long-distance tourer

Yes Because of its chubby figure - a VW Multivan is shorter and barely wider - and its weight of a good 1.9 tonnes, the Sports Tourer OPC is better understood not as a ring regent, but as a sovereignly motorized, effortlessly fast and comfortable long-distance tourer. He doesn't have to be said to have outstanding combination qualities, plushis trunk is too small. In addition, it is cumbersome to load through the tailgate, the format of which is hardly inferior to that of a ferry, due to the massive bumper. The Opel Insignia Sports Tourer neatly accommodates passengers. Once again, however, it is surprising how little of the length of the station wagon is left for the interior.

The Opel Insignia OPC lacks the perfection of other high-performance station wagons. But not character. And it's - that's also a tradition with strong Opel station wagons - a little more casual than the competition.


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