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Opel Insignia Bi-Turbo: 195 hp diesel for the flagship

Opel Insignia Bi-Turbo
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D The two-liter four-cylinder has two-stage turbocharging and two intercoolers, has an output of 195 hp and a maximum torque of 400 Nm. The average consumption should be 4.9 liters, the CO2 emissions are specified at 129 g /km.

The double-charged Insignia accelerates from zero to 100 km /h in 8.7 seconds and achieves one Top speed of 230 km /h. In versions with manual transmission, a start-stop system is standard on board. The Insignia Bi-Turbo is available in all body styles - four- and five-door as well as Sports Tourer. Prices start at 33,405 euros for the four-door, the five-door from 33,795 euros and the Sports Tourer station wagon from 34,645 euros.

As a new option for all Insignia all-wheel drive models, Opel is offering the SuperSport chassis with high-performance Struts a. The package also includes a high-performance braking system from Brembo. Another new feature is the radar-based distance control, which permanently adjusts the speed depending on the traffic conditions. The radar also enables further functions: the driver is visually informed in seconds about the distance to the vehicle in front, warned visually and acoustically before a collision with a vehicle ahead, and the vehicle automatically decelerates if the risk of a collision is detected.


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